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The Lucky Comeback Playlist: Focus Guaranteed Take 13


It's been a long time since I've made a new playlist, let's hope I still have that magic touch. I'm no longer a student but actually a teacher but I still need those hours of focusing for grading instead of studying. You'll hear a mix of solo piano and soundtrack music with artists such as Ludovico Einaudi, The Piano Guys and George Winston. The playlist is 18 tracks long because that's my lucky number so let's hope this playlist brings some luck to your studying, relaxation or work.

18 tracks
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I've played the "Focus Guaranteed" and other "study" playlists like it frequently in the last few years. I am retired, definitely not a student. But I enjoy listening to this type of music while fixing breakfast. I've got to have my breakfast!

I loved your mixes during undergrad too. Now I am in the process of applying to grad school and have come back to your mixes. This one is new since I stopped listening, I know it will become one of my favourites along with the rest of the Focus Guaranteed series in the coming months and years. If you get the opportunity, new ones would still be appreciated and enjoyed :). Thank you for sharing your wonderful taste in music.

Great to hear from you again, betsy! I have coincidentally also made another playlist, after a similar amount of time out of action. Also doing the "real career" job now and will be done as a student forever in two days! Not sure how I feel about being a proper adult though... haha. Wonderful mix as always. Doesn't hurt that you start with music from my all time favourite movie, either. Though it's bloody annoying that I have to listen to it through YouTube due to the ridiculous restrictions on listeners outside of USA/Canada (Australian here). Sigh!

Thank you for helping me study for my radiology exam. My last test of medical school! Absolutely wonderful playlist. Watched Bridge of Spies when I was on an 11 hour flight from Kenya back to the USA. Some strange combination of that beautiful score, high altitude, a couple drinks, and sleep deprivation had me bawling my eyes out on the plane and it was incredible. Hearing that again for the first time brought me back to that feeling. You haven't lost your touch, Betsy!

I feel like I've been holding my breath in anticipation of this playlist. I wasn't even expecting there to be one but came to your page to play one of my old favourites and got such a pleasant surprise. It's so good to have you back, this one is as incredible as always!