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You Will Get Chills.


These are songs that I can't listen to without getting chills. They are so beautiful, whether it is chilling acapella harmony, or instrumental melodies. Here's 11 songs, with artists such as Eric Whitacre and the acapella group Cantus. Enjoy these chilling 10 tracks. P.S. TURN UP YOUR VOLUME! The track starts very quietly.

10 tracks
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I just got nostalgic listening to Jeremy Soule's work though. Oblivion definitely was one of the best games I have ever played.

Just got back from a jam-packed three week trip to the US and this beautiful mix is now soothing my exhausted mind/body. The Morrowind/Skyrim Theme is seriously amazing. Thanks again, Betsy!

I hope you enjoyed your time in the US! :) I'm in love with that song. You're very welcome, thanks for listening!