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Time And Space.

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Worlds different, but the same, history made. This is quite an odd collection in my mind. Even as the creator myself I'm on the fence about it. I hope that maybe you can make some sense of it.

Anyway besides that i hope you enjoy it.


P.S sorry for the rather large gap between this playlist and the last. i plan to post more often now.

  • Promentory by The Last of the Mohicans
  • The Godfather Soundtrack by Amr Sabry
  • "Once Upon A Time In America" Soundtrack by Cockeye's Song
  • The Tourist Soundtrack ♪ by Bedroom Dreams
  • Poverty by Once Upon a Time in America
  • Tennessee (wyk. Karina) by Pearl Harbour
  • Deborah' Theme by Once Upon A Time In America
  • GLEN HANSARD by Glen Hansard
  • Man of Steel Trailer 3 Music by Hans Zimmer
  • Two Steps From Hell by Heart Of Courage
10 tracks
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