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Jules' VGM playlist to SAFTN

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SAFTN: Stay Awake For The Night! (Or whenever).

I would put up so much more, sadly the CDs are at home...

  • Your Affection by Shoji Meguro
  • "Battle 1 - Arrange" from Final Fantasy IV by SQUARE ENIX MUSIC
  • Heavens Divide from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker by Donna Burke
  • Wenn wir einsteigen by Automatikk
  • Pulsar by Föllakzoid
  • Side Battle by Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  • 05 Calling (The World Ends With You) by Takeharu Ishimoto 石元 丈晴
  • Green Greens [Kirby's Dream Land] by Jun Ishikawa
8 tracks
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