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Turnt Down, Chillt up [FINALE]


This is the 4th and final edition of Turnt Down, Chillt up.

I published pt. I a year ago. Each release has been very important to me. I remember what I was doing and how I was feeling each time.

A new year means new experiences. Here's to hoping that, in 2015, Nothing Was The Same.

This mix is very compartmentalized. Chill follows chill and banger follows banger, but it still follows a single narrative. Stay around for the end. I've got some fireworks lined up.

We're going out with a bang.

19 tracks
4 comments on Turnt Down, Chillt up [FINALE]

Amazing mix. The 4th track on it. Banks - Banks. I know that's not the name of it. Can you help me with the name? I really need it in my playlist. Cheers!

@weeedyweasel Thanks bud. Banks - Waiting Game (Loston Rework). The final track of the mix is a rework Loston does of James Blake's Retrograde, which is super sick as well.

This is pure gold man! Really enjoy this playlist! Can totally tell that you took some time on it and I really appreciate you sharing it! Amazing tracks brotha....Thanks

@cole_p_92 Hey man thanks for the love. It's a weird thing to be human. I sometimes wonder if making playlists is just a way of making complex smoke signals to find likeminded strangers in the world. Or maybe I'm just dumb. Either way, I appreciate your appreciation!