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All Movies, All Day Long


The Ultimate Collection of movie soundtracks, suites, and songs. Almost all instrumental pieces that will take you back to some great movies. Includes some excellent TV themes as well as the big movie hits and some less well known tracks. A great mix to study to for those long nights or to just casually listen. Sit back and hit play.

As the Joker said: "And here... We... Go"

146 tracks
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This is probably one of the most well made playlists here on this site! There are so many soundtracks on here that almost everyone of the current generation wouldn't even know about, and would most likely just sit there with an annoyed look on there face and complain about wanting to go back and listen to their own music, which most likely consists of rap and other music types related! Besides that, you did an excellent job with this. Keep up the good work. :)

Dude this is great! thanx a lot for this playlist. it is awsome than there are so many tracks! really, every new song is a pure pleasure

This playlist is like heaven to me. It has so many of my favorite soundtracks and composers and I've been introduced to so many more! Its great to listen to when studying. Thanks so much!!