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Epic Movie Soundtracks to Study to


Great selection of some of the best best movie soundtracks out there. A perfect mix of over 40 fun movie tracks to make studying or life just that more Epic. Songs from Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Gladiator and much more! Savvy?

44 tracks
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THANX! for helping me finish my tedious taxes! GREAT selection and collection. Some of my favs! I shared on facebook. I also saved it my own collection. Hallah!

@Bgus22 Thank you so much for this playlist! i have adhd and so most of the time i can't listen to music while i work b/c i get distracted but this really helps me!!! XD I relly like the variety that you chose! great job. :) I am in virtual school as well so I listen to it with all of my classes and can get away with it lol :) Thank you again.

I write SF and fantasy and this is what I listen to when I'm writing. Sets the right mood and eliminates background distractions. Really well done.

Such a huge help while pumping out my finals! Thank goodness other people study to this stuff too. Pretty great selection.

@Fiercewritergirl Thank you! It definitely helped me power through finals! Check out the other movies mixes if you'd like some more variety.