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Add a little magic to make studying not so bad. A huge, all inclusive, collection with a variety of uptempo as well as slower, quieter movie soundtracks, classical music, and other instrumental pieces to make up a fantastic mix to help you study or prepare for that big final, paper, or anything! Or you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the music. Are you ready?

71 tracks
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Dude, I listen to your playlist almost constantly when I'm studying (which is almost constantly). Thank you so much for making it!!

As this playlist is going on, feels kind of I know these tracks but were scattered somehow before. As the tracks are coming, I am just keep on hitting the stars. This playlist is amazing. Thanks.

This playlist is awesome! It's helping me grade 7th grade essays! Yikes. Thank you for the beautiful music you chose for this playlist. It is one of my favorites!!

This really good. It's a ridiculously long one, and usually I don't listen to full playlists, but I'm 20 songs in and still listening. There's a good blend of fast paced intense songs and slow pace calming songs, and it flows really well. It's really helped motivate me to finish my homework. Basically, this playlist is perfect for studying.