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Chasing liberty.


Hope NU's been going sorted. Best to you, man.

8/10/15 :

Idk if u check back here often, but depending on when you do, you might just see this the day it gets updated, a month on, or maybe never lol but in case u do it's got an actual purpose like this, haha.

HBD dost! You know you're my main man.
Apologeez for painfully boring u af almost all the time w evidently uninteresting shit, so much, that u gotta be glued to your phone every fkn time lol.

Haha it's all chill, man
Hope it's a crazy one, now & every time. It's been prime.
You can always count on me, brother mine! Ly.

- your part time, auxiliary, class room dost
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