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Diary of a serial flasher.


sup sureet- homo/pedo/resident creep, so I been building up on this & compiling it since a few weeks now (kinda challenging)- ever since you told me you were going to bombay. But it came together in these last few days (now u know why I made u listen to so much stuff).

So this one's a mix for all the times u feel annoyed/ like an antisocial/ dead tired after coming back from college & just when things seem like such a fkn drag & nothing really makes sense.
It's a blend of different genres that go together & u gotta listen thru, in stages, it ends on a great postrock note.
Have fun there (not enough to forget bout here)
Ur gonna do great, fam.
Would've been cool to have a last beer before u left.

See you on the flip side.
Luv u, my nigga! <3

Dont be a refrigerator.

54 tracks