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anxieties relief//


Hello to whoever is reading this, I would like to tell you that whatever you're going through it is nothing compared to you. Whatever your thoughts are saying, these things aren't true. You will get over this, you will fight the negative thoughts because you are so much stronger than what you are right now. See your anxieties as parasites, they come and go as they please. It is not you, the thoughts aren't yours. So please, please, fight the feeling because you may not know it but people do need you; even if you think you don't have any purpose in this world or people don't need you, this is not even close to the truth. You are wonderful. You are amazing because you will conquer this battle against these anxieties.

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whenever i feel stressed and all over the place, i always come back to this and this always always calms me down. it's amazing. honestly, thank you so so much for making this!

Literally my favourite playlist by far!! didn't know any of these songs before, but I love them all so much now. Thank you so much for this!