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Jazz it up


JAZZ. The ultimate storytelling. Sensual, hypnotic, emotional. Sit back, close your eyes and allow the beauty and simplicity of jazz to express what you are feeling in a way words cannot :)

Enjoy :)

12 tracks
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This was the first playlist I ever listed to when I downloaded the app and it was automatically my favorite I fell in love with it so quickly. 2 years went by I hid gotten a new phone so nothing of mine saved and I totally forgot about the app 8tracks and I was like omg duh I have to download it again!!? Do I did but I guess I forgot my old account info so all my liked playlist were completely gone and I couldn't remember any of them I was actually really sad about it because there was such great music on it and then I came across this playlist and remembered the girl in the picture in the cover for this playlist and I was like AHHHHSJSNSLSOXNSJEPBB!!!!?!!!!! YESSSS I FOUND MY ALLLL TIME FAVORITE ONEE YESSS

I kind of like what I can only describe as the remixed Blue Skies. Who is it by, because search as I might I can't find that version?