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The 80's Mix Tape Vol. 5


The 1980's. I was in junior high when it started and working my first serious job when it ended. In between was the best decade of my life. And music was one of the best memories. I personally feel the decade gave us the best variety of sounds. From New Wave to Rap, or Rock to Hair Metal or Power Pop to Alternative their was never more choice. MTV started, CD's were introduced, the extended dance single was heard in every club. And my personal favorite, the mix tape. I bought a mixer board from Radio Shack, hooked up a CD deck and turntable and made my first cassette mix tape. Parties were never the same after that. So here is my 8track version of the mix tape. Each volume has 25 songs, roughly what was on each tape I made. Thank you for listening and enjoy.

25 tracks
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