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.swamp music.


Leaning against your faded red 78 Drop Top Caddy with bull horn hood accouterment in front of a dead gas n' gulp on the outskirts of a backwoods louisiana town. threadbare suede three button jacket,skynyrd tee,$5 sunglasses,scratchy beard. dirty jeans and dustier roper boots have seen better days. thinkin of her one last time, you drop your tacquito in the dirt, jump in the car (door's broke), turn the screwdriver and give er hell. hopefully she makes it to the end of the playlist. 13 tracks.

14 tracks
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i added a track. so it's 14 tracks now. but it's a special limited edition secret hidden track. special limited cuz it's in plain view....but being "hidden" makes the mix officially 13 tracks. which it HAS TO BE. for many many reasons that are very complicated. and infantile. watch out for the scary hidden track.......

woo. spooky.