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More Than That


They are just the most adorable thing ever and they have to end up together!!!

Update: Well 4,722 Hours punched me right in the feels, and not in a good way! Can we just pretend that part of that episode never happened!?

Update #2: I just had to change the cover photo on this because that whole scene from 3x08 was just perfect!! :)

Update#3: Adele's new album just came out so I had to add 2 more songs :)

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Not only does this playlist excellently represents the adorable and painfully perfect for each other Fitzsimmons, but also it has such a wonderful selection of music and artists! I'm so glad you included Parachute and Science & Faith, they are two of my all-time favorites. I never associated those songs with them before (I actually associated Parachute with Katniss/Peeta) but they work so perfectly. A great playlist dedicated to a great ship!