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Simply Me & You: Peggy and Daniel


Oldies love songs for Peggy and Sousa because there just aren't enough playlists for these two.

Also I really hope we get a season 3 or at least a kiss by the end of this season because we all know Daniel is Peggy's husband :)

Update: That dream sequence was just too perfect for me not to change the picture and title :)

Update #2: I added Daniel's song to Peggy from the dream sequence!

Update #3: I got my season finale wish!! :D .. So once again I've changed the picture and added the song from the kiss scene aka their song :) Now my hope is that if the show does get renewed or they find a way to make more and at least wrap it up, that Daniel is Peggy's husband and they don't ruin it for me because in my mind he is haha.

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thanks for this. i'm happy for peggy and daniel and for us shippers.:) hopefully the show will be renewed for more development of peggy and daniel as individuals and as a couple. and more wonderful music from that time. #renewagentcarter

Aw thanks! You are very welcome! So glad you like it! :) ... Need to change the cover pic and add their song after that finale! :D