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The silver branch, the small white flower


A flowershop AU mix, featuring a little bit of everything! Tighten up your apron and give the flowers by the window a spritz of water. A new customer might come in today.

8 tracks
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@bigend Hello again! 8tracks isn't really working in my country anymore and I miss this playlist for writing... Do you have in mind to put it on another platform or would you allow me to transfer it on the one I use now if I credit you and link back to here and everything?

@nox_perpetua Hi there! Sorry to hear 8tracks isn't working well for you, but I'm flattered you still want to use my playlist! :) I've misplaced most of the audio files I used here since I made the playlist, but if you'd like to transfer it to the platform you use, go right ahead! Credit would be much appreciated, but anything's fine as long as it spreads flowershop AU goodness to the world!