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For A Setup Like Victoria's..


Hey Big Uls, check the comment box for my cheesy message for you okay? loool. oh btw before you read please play the music mmmkaaay?? I'M GONNA FUCKING MISS YOU A LOOOOOT! huhuhu! bye.

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I DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING, MAAAN!!! Okay. Fine. Fuck. Waaah!!! I don’t know where to start!!! Believe it or not, I am missing you the whole day. I was daydreaming on my way home while listening to some songs that remind me of you (Dancing in the Moonlight, Again- Lenny Kravitz, Take me to church, etc.) I also had the MOST BOOOOOORING smoking moment of my life earlier, can you imagine I only had one cigar!! I was looking at my left and right, where the fuck are you MICKEY?!!!! I hate you for letting those happened!! I must say it sucks bigtime not seeing your big ears, imbalance head while walking (HAHA!), not hearing your super-laki-na-parang-radio-announcer voice, and not smelling your lakas-makapogi scent! :) I was really thinking you already Victoria-ed me. That’s why I REALLY didn’t see this coming. I love how you made me feel happy, surprised, and kilig with this! I REALLY appreciate it. :) Every words you said are exactly the words I wanna tell you! EXCEPT with that stupid shit bye from you. I HATE IT, REALLY. Bitch please, I know you didn’t mean that. Am I right or am I right??! But hey, let me do it my way now! I may sound too cheesy, but the hell I care!!!
BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! =) Let me flashback our memories together!
Can you still remember how you made my first day at work, a super fun one? :D Imagine how I was sooooooo comfortable sharing stuff with you. I already knew that time we’re going to be the best mates ever, for sho! ;) Well, I was not wrong! I adore how you have that awesome taste for music, food and how you pull off your suits every day! ;) Oh bitch please, don’t be too flattered. It may sound cliché, but I don’t know it feels like I’ve known you since forever. Is it only me? But I feel like you are my soulmate, man! Just so you know, you are the only one who made me get attached in a TV series. Can I please see you once I’m done with HIMYM? I’m sure you’re the first person I wanna be with that time!
Thank you for every fun you brought in my life! Can’t believe how you have entered my life just like that! You even saw me in my fugliest state. If you know what I mean! HAHAHA Thanks for being there for me, you da best!!! :D I will always be here for you also, I got your back dawg!!! Put that in your fucking little mind!!!
Hmmm……. Fuck this shit you know I suck at this! Haha! Can you just be here beside me now?! Because I really do miss you! Let’s get drunk! All day errday!!! BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY!!! HAHAHAHA!! SEE YOU SOON, pretty pls. :(
PS. DON’T EVER THINK OF VICTORIA-ING ME!!! I still wanna do my first skinny dip with you. Hehe! ;p

To Biggie Victoria,

As promised, I am leaving something that will make you think of me when I already have left the office, so here it is...(drumroll please)

It is often said that actions speak louder than words but you know what really is louder? music!! so I made OUR little playlist that will not only benefit you, but will benefit me too in remembering you.

Set of songs that will definitely make us feel lost in a good way. songs that will make us miss something that we never had,.. songs that will make me think of things that will make me say "fuck all the negativity as long as I'm lost with you!", songs that will make me want to travel and see the world with you (remember UK? lol), but really i only made this because I will miss your face like hell... and that is something that i don't want to forget for the rest of my life. (Well only because its sooooooo ugly and B-I-G!!!!!) lol

It was only a short time but a VERY fun time knowing you in my life, enjoyed every minute with you, every laughter, all the games and name calling, everything. and i dont know why, but every time i see you, you look more beautiful. (NO BS) so if there's anybody treating you like shit, remember that i'm going to be there for you...always, to the best of my abilities! I may not always say good things to you but BRAWWW!!!... i dig you! i dig you ALOT! in fact i might just be in love with you... nope... just kidding. that will never happen. youre like eewwie kaya! lol! I cannot even believe I'm saying this shit but... really, it was my great pleasure to know you moreso to be your cuddle buddy. life is way too short to stay in one place and that's why i'm leaving, but worry less because as I leave, a playlist and a memory of me forever stays with you.
(atleast as long as 8tracks exists lol) so yeah, this is good bye. hope you'll like the collection. bye bye! i'l miss you. huhuhu!

Note: listen only with blasting speakers or both earphones on. uki? btw look at my display picture, its US. :* hugs and kisses mi lede! bye Biggie.