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songs for me and you

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[quotes from the mix]'s alarming how quickly we forget that nothing's bigger than love comes me wishing things had never changed
~..and i give you all my pieces broken, in your hands there's nothing that you can't fix
~..wish i could be every little thing you wanted all the time, sometimes
~..and now you lost the only thing that ever made you feel alive
~..i don't care which road we take if it leads me back to you ; blame it on something else, anything but ourselves
~..everybody knows that nobody really knows how to make it work or how to ease the hurt
~..i'll take my chances and start again
~..i wanna know does he treat you like i would if i was your man ; i'm sorry i'm a sucker for this hopeless romantic bullshit
~..sweeter things and bitter fruits, only make me think of you
~..your poker face ain't fooling nobody took this heart and put it through hell..but still you're magnificent