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Save Your Funkin EARS. Disco Style!


A different take on my mix "Save Your Funkin EARS.". This time around, taking a trip down the disco side of funk. Enjoy 10 of my favorite nu-disco tracks.

Including tracks from Rudimental, The Jackson 5, Daft Punk, and more.

Save Your Funkin EARS.:

Cover Art:

10 tracks
1 comment on Save Your Funkin EARS. Disco Style!

Hey Mike,

I would like to list a formal complaint.

After all this jazz electro swing education over the past months, I must say it has ruined a certain aspect of something that I would otherwise, well, at least not have been bothered by.

I went to watch The Great Gatsby, when the initial party in said movie kicks off, I had a certain idea of what to expect....

Hence I felt that there was a great thing amiss, an opportunity not taken,

This negative impact would have not been so severe, if my mind didn't know about the beats and swing heard due to your channel.

Take care and keep them coming,


Ha! Yeah, I thought the same thing. The Great Gatsby soundtrack doesn't really match the era of the 20s. Hollywood for you. :D