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The Best SoundCloud Covers. Vol. 1


Great covers from Enjoy!

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  • Love Me (Weezy,Drake, Future) feat. The ClubCasa Chamber Orchestra by sly5thave
  • Paper Planes by Beautiful Small Machines
  • Seven Nation Army by Ben l'Oncle Soul
  • No Sleep 'til Brooklyn by Virginia Leaves
  • Suit and Tie - Tori Kelly (COVER) Free Download in Description by unknownxalysia
  • Stay by Rhap Salazar
  • Stay (Rihanna) feat. The ClubCasa Chamber Orchestra by sly5thave
  • When I Was Your Man (Female Version ) by Madilyn Bailey
  • A Thousand Year (Christina Perri) by MARGARET SWAN
  • WHAT WOULD YOU DO by Scarlet Cox
10 tracks
1 comment on The Best SoundCloud Covers. Vol. 1

Hey Mike,

Thank you for this mix. Refreshing to hear some tunes reiterated with a different focus.

Just passing down a indirect compliment. People always give me a thumbs up for playing good music ad different events (movie nights, dinners, outside picnics, kitchen work etc) most of the time it is one of your playlist or ones that have been expanded with artists you introduced.

Was stuck in a little rut, but your collections give the right energy to make it all a little better.

Thanks for the great dedication,

Let's see what you will come up with next.

Thank you sir, I'm glad I helped. If I am feeling down, music is key. Actually, music is like food or oxygen to me. I'm not sure I could function without it. Cheers!