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existence is an abberation


mathematically, we are an unlikely thing.
life should not have grown in the unfeeling universe.
but starlight glimmers on,
sunshine feeds the flowers and grasses.
you were born.
and we met.
statistically, you are insignificant.
but to me, you are anomalous and unequivocally, inexplicably, undeniably glorious.


  • Alone in the World by Alexandre Desplat
  • We Move Lightly by Dustin O'Halloran
  • [Her]OST `We're All Leaving` by BlogHost
  • Goodbye goose prince by Wave In
  • Homestuck Vol. 9 by Homestuck
  • Laws of Physics by SuperSymmetry
  • Photograph by Arcade Fire
  • [Her]OST `Some Other Place` by BlogHost
  • bLESS tHIS bLACK eYED dOG by eL-dIRT
  • TrX Version) by After life and death (Lost Theme R
  • Of The Airship Academy by PortBlueMusic
  • Drive by SuperSymmetry
  • Beyond Dreams And Spirits by James Nesbitt
  • Aerial Promenade by Seagull Orchestra
  • Three In The Morning (Aftermath) by PauLibri CazArte
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