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the golden age


"I know that’s how you must honor him, but to me, he was never that."

a mix for a man with many faults, with many regrets and who made many mistakes, and was loved.

14 tracks
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hi! im kin of thorin (im sorry if that makes you uncomfortable? if you don't know what that means, i basically identify with thorin and feel almost as if i am him reincarnated. and yes, i do know he is a fictional character, in case you wanted to inform me of that) and this mix made me feel many, maaaany emotions and it was honestly wonderful. i loved each song, too! nice job, it's really quite amazing!

@HilarySmith ohhh my gosh oh my gosh thaNK you i put a lot of work into this mix so getting a comment like yours is so rewarding and yes....that song is pure thorin-related pain.