Is this playlist safe for work?


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When I hit Myth by Beach House, this turned from fantastic into perfection. Perfect sound for Gravity Falls, and from what I can hear of the lyrics it suits it really well. Well done :)

i'm currently crying in class because of a lab report i can't even start but this playlist is fucking amazing and makes me happy so thank you so much ilysm, have a day as lovely as you are

@tenuou.s wow thank you so much!! just take a break from your lap report and go back to it later with a fresh look and im sure inspiration will strike. or you could just channel your inner dipper pines! i bet that nerd loves lab reports. i hope your day is really great!

@billcipher oh my god, thank you. i think my inner nerd/dipper has inspired me! i'm now almost done with it, and i'm now turning towards part two of this playlist, which is, by the way, also fantastic. thanks for the great advice, hope your day is filled with buckets of sunshine or something!! xx

This playlist is the best!!!! It helped me get through my first Grad School paper that I was super nervous about. BTW I did awesome on the paper, thanks to you! Great songs, I love them all! They have now become the soundtrack for me at work...makes it suck a lot less. Once again thanks for all the time you put into this!!!! P.S. I love part 2 as well!

oml i listen to this all the time when im doing work in college!! its sup er nice and relaxing the moss is like my fave song ever now???

@txnystark yeah the moss is super catchy!! i'm glad it helps! music is like the only thing that makes college work a little more bearable hahah

ive literally never felt compelled to leave a comment on a mix before, but it flows AMAZINGLY well, the vibes and feel of everything are perfect, and i am addicted to so many of these songs!!! still trying to focus enough to finish part two, but from what i can tell it's also rad :D THIS IS RAMBLY AND GETTING OUT OF HAND BUT BASICALLY HIGH FIVE i love this disappears