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For the unexplained, banished people.
For the long walks through deserted train stations during silent nights.
For the fear of being a monster.

((11 tracks; indie-rockish but with a calm tune to them all. not all of them are actual full songs though. you'll see what i mean.))

  • Tcp d1 01 the swedish rhapsody irdial by Walter Kurtz 2
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  • Sweetest Kill by Broken Social Scene
  • Luminary Ones by Rebecca & Fiona
  • Easier by Grizzly Bear
  • The Okeh Laughing Record by Unknown
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  • Letters to the metro (BBC session) by Mogwai
  • Monster Mask by Pomplamoose
  • Shift (Grizzly Bear) by Saulo Damian
  • Cry Baby Cry (Outro) by The Beatles
9 tracks