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Try And Keep Up Part 2


@Armon and BILLY BOY Condoms bring you eight hard tracks to get sexy to. Get it on. Do it better.

The 8th installment in the BILLY BOY 8tracks series

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Part One:

8 tracks
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well I have mixed feelings towards a brand being here but given as the mixer is pretty much amazing and I'm all for education and being safe I think this place gets my vote of confidence, albeit slightly grudgingly. looking forward to seeing the comments and interactions from this profile = ) #sexy

What's up noknow? I understand your 'mixed feelings' Ironically, I am not a fan of marketers invading my outlets. That said, I dont see this initiative as invasive. I have been on 8tracks for years as a 'civilian'. When I came to work with BILLY BOY I immediately wanted to do something with 8tracks. I hope you keep listening to our future mixes (and check out some of our old ones). We're open to any suggestions you have. Armon is an awesome DJ and we're stoked to be sharing our page with him.

wait a minute. If you are Duewetting by yourself, why do you need protection? from Bible thumpers? from hairy knuckles?