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Silence In The Court


An Instrumental King Au playlist; to set the tone for the knights and squires of the court, bearing witness to the fight for the throne.

Original art;

Please drop by my tumblr if you have any suggestions to add to this mix! Instrumental tracks only, please; if it has lyrics (even in another language) then it won't be added. I will try and update this mix frequently with tracks I find, or am suggested. Thank you!

  • Fanfare For The Common Man by ELP
  • Here Comes The King by StephanFischer
  • Death is the Road to Awe by AHMED MOSAD
  • 28 weeks later original by Dat Guy 8
  • Prophecy by Adrian von Ziegler
  • Requiem for a dream by rahijain
  • The Surface Of The Sun by Anny Daisy
  • 24 Blood Theme by MormuzZ
  • The Only Moment We Wore Alone by Explosions In The Sky
9 tracks
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