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17 sides of loving the devil


The first time she sees him cry is the first time he tells of his mother. She watches the way the his expression bends in the moments before its about to break, and she realizes, all at once, she had somehow thought him incapable of tears. This golden god, this narcissistic idol, this mask of a man. He is untouchable, unshakable, a force of nature that one was lucky to survive, let alone stop. Yellow devil, they called him. Suddenly, she couldn't find any of that within him while she watched as he crumbled before her. The devil had been reduced to a man, the man to a boy, and she wanted so badly to shelter him from all the cruelty he, himself, had inflicted upon this world.

wip remake of an old yashal/daya mix
all female vocalists except the last three songs

17 tracks
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