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Haven't You Taken Enough From Me?


Fuck you for holding me down.
Fuck you for keeping it a secret.
Fuck you for mentally fucking me up.

I hope you rot in the deepest pits of hell where you belong; I hope you feel your flesh sizzle off your piss-rotted and calcified bones; most of all, I hope you live through, and feel, exactly how I felt.

Because even though I hope you wake up drowning in your guilt like a tortoise in a pond, I know you won't. You'll wake up a few houses down from me without a bad thought in your head, and you won't hear me pounding my head on the wall trying to forget what you've done to me. You always said that you wanted to be friends again, like we were when we were in elementary school, but I don't think you remember what made me end our friendship.

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