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Slow Drip


Past the winter solstice, and though chill reigns, the blinking, melting world begins to stretch and wake.
Lovely, bassy, slow, intense, chill, felt. This versatile mix is meant to be well paired with cuddling, chill dancing, joints, artwork, work, or any damn thing that needs an excellent soundtrack for both relaxing and head-bobbing at the same time.

9 tracks including music by Dive, I Break Horses, and Yann Tierson rmxd by MartyParty.

8 tracks
5 comments on Slow Drip

@huffuss Ah! That's really nice! I'm glad you like this one. I think I've lost a song along the way to disappearing Soundcloud files but it's mostly still intact.

@birdsandbones damn those disappearing soundcloud files! I think it was one of your earlier playlists that introduced me to the Glitch Mob and this whole new genre of chill and trip hop. Thanks for spreading around your awesome taste in music. I love watching your preferences evolve with your newer playlists.