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The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.


But I have promises to keep.

Feels like something else is watching when you step off the path, toes sinking into lush green moss. For anyone who's ever felt they weren't quite alone in a forest, a rich blanket of sounds and beats to take you somewhere equally fey.

15 tracks. Phutureprimitive, Adham Shaikh, Emancipator.

10 tracks
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you really make awesome mixes. no wonder why you got your mix certified gold!

un jour il faudra discuter musique. un jour.. !

Ha! Un jour avant, merci beaucoup!

The Massive Attack/Burial mix is from a super limited LP and was also played on the radio in the UK. One of those wonderful musical finds, I suppose! It's out on SoundCloud somewhere. I'm just about obsessed with Paradise Circus and was hunting down mixes of it.

(I didn't see your reply until now, sorry!)

Oh, well it IS an awesome mix, those bands together (sort of). Yup. Those pearls are worth keeping. And Paradise Circus is indeed an awesome song.

Awesome mix to study/write a paper, also!