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"The universe had decided that they were not soulmates, that for some unknown reason they did not belong together. But what the fuck does the universe know about love? What does it know about blood and flesh and warmth and touch? What does it know about his lips on mine."

This was for a fic but I don't think I'm ever going to get the ideas in my head into any sort of coherency. So now I have this playlist and a mind full of a half imagined story, as usual.

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@tulipton Lmao, it was meant to be a soul mate AU and the basic premise was that Person A's soulmate dies when their kid and they grow up believing their destined to be alone forever, until they meet Person B. Person A is now convinced they were meant for Person B but Person B is caught up in the whole idea of soul mates and finding the person who was made for them. Things quickly get complicated by the incessant pull the two seem to have towards each other. Probably including lots of pining, jealousy, miscommunication, an overload of angst, and lots of lingering eye contact and touches. I could never think of an ending though.