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Soraya Harmon


"You're toxic I'm slippin under."

  • Hateful by The Bravery
  • Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton
  • ScareTactic by Bears & Dolls
  • Toxic (Cestladore Remix) by Melanie Martinez
  • Miss Jackson Knows What You Did In The Dark (Mashup) by therealalli
  • Run on Love - Extended Mix by Lucas Nord
  • Masterpiece by Jessie J
7 tracks
1 comment on Soraya Harmon

No words can aptly describe my feelings about this playlist. It is PERFECT and Soraya AF, and I'm totally using as many songs as I can from this in the story and future vids! THANK YOU SO MUCH BABE!!!!! Kisses, hugs, pull you into a happy dance, it's perfection!!!!