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Safe Seduction 4 Consenting Adults, Vol. 2


Did he tick "yes" on your Do You Like Me survey? Did he tell some mean gurlz to leave you alone in the hall? It's on. But, like, NOW what? This is what. Heart if yo nastay.

Including Justin Bieber, Djema Djemba and Danny Brown.

  • Hold Tight by Justin Bieber
  • I Will (LsdXoxo Edit) by Danny Brown
  • 2Much feat. Santell by LION KNGS
  • want it 2 b u by w o a d i e
  • Nasty Grind by Laudz
  • Sevyn streeter sex on the roof meltdown by Ice Underlord
  • Beyoncé x Djemba Djemba (ETERNITY EDIT) by Djrunk In Djlove
7 tracks
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