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Ghost in the Water


A Post-Reichenbach Mix for a Post-Reichenbach Fic: I made this playlist when I was writing my post-Reichenbach story in an attempt to deal with ALL OF MY ANGST. So if you are looking for a cathartic way to deal with all your feelings post-fall, this is the mix for you! :)

Also, if you like the mix, then you must read the story that I wrote for it:

23 tracks
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Having 'All My Great Designs' play as John kissed Sherlock... and Sherlock kisses him back 'uttering a cry of anguish that goes through John like a knife before his mouth descends on John’s' made my heart pang. Oh, it's brilliant, oh, I love it. alskdjf You're amazing.

AHH! YAY! So pleased to hear that you listened to the mix *and* read the story! YOU HAVE MADE ME SO HAPPY!!!! Yay yay yay! So glad you liked it! :D

I came here from the fanfic that you wrote and I first read it without the music and then, with it. And there was such a difference. There were songs that just fit the section I was reading and then, at the end Nina Simone began to play and I was just so glad and happy for John and Sherlock. It really is a wonderful fanmix and fanfic. Bravo! Bravo!

Oh my god, you are seriously my favorite person ever. You are the first person to have read the story AND listened to the mix. I am so so pleased that you liked it! I got so excited about this mix when I was making it because I really think the songs complement the story and I am SO GLAD to hear you say the same thing. Thank you so much for commenting!! <3