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Playlist for my Johnlock AU sailing fic, Over Fathoms Deep (, in which Sherlock is an aristocrat's son shipped off to sea where he falls in love with the strapping young sailor, John Watson.

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24 tracks
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@rabbitfields Thanks so much! Feel free to leave me a comment on the fic when you do so I can hear what you thought! (PS Sorry if you got like three notifications for this reply- lol apparently I don't know how to reply to comments in 8tracks)

Honestly I keep looking for more music of this style and having trouble because sometimes bands will do just one or two songs of this sort and the rest are other genres. It's a struggle. These three playlists are a joy.

I have such a soft spot for "My Lover Who's Name is Probably Johnny has Gone a-Soldiering and a-Sailing and general Rambling to the Sea or France" type songs, so combining that with Johnlock is pretty much the best thing ever. Your attention to detail really shows in your writing too. Also, I want to second what @angelislington said below about the lack of PotC. I mean, I love PotC, but a good 8track's playlist should introduce people to new stuff.

@beanstation Thanks so much! Lol- I love your description of that type of song- those are obviously also my favorite. :) I'm working on a THIRD playlist of songs for this story, which will definitely feature more "My Lover Who's Name is Probably Johnny..." songs, so look forward to that. :)

I had to stop reading so I could work on packing up my house, so now I am listening to the mix while I organize and think about the fic. So cool that you created a mix to go with the it!

@bittergreens *grins* You're welcome! I already knew I was going to like it when there wasn't a single track from PoC or bloody Assassin's Creed: Black Flag like in *every other nautical playlist on 8tracks oh my god please stop* XD

@bittergreens Back listening again (of course!), I can't believe it's been more than a year since I started OFD! Amazing how time flies when you're sighing wistfully over fictional characters, especially when drifting slowly together on the wine dark sea :)