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Sailor!lock Playlist 2


This is the second playlist of music for my Johnlock AU sailing fic, Over Fathoms Deep (, in which Sherlock is an aristocrat's son shipped off to sea where he falls in love with the strapping young sailor, John Watson.

Fiddle music, sea shanties, and angsty ballads about the sea galore!

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30 tracks
5 comments on Sailor!lock Playlist 2

So... I bought all the songs on this playlist and number three, now. And then I mixed them into ONE GIANT PLAYLIST. And now my Flatmate is wondering if I can ever be parted from my headphones. XD I'll probably end up getting playlist number one when I, you know, have another thirty dollars to spend. I didn't know you had playlists until you posted about number three on tumblr and so now I'm all off-kilter buying them in any sort of order.

I'm listening to your playlists while reading OFD, it's just perfect. I truly believe everything's better with a playlist to go with. It adds a whole new sense to it, idk if you know what I mean. It's like being able to smell the sea while you read about it. Also its 4am so I'm talking nonsense but it makes sense to me rn hahah. I am a lover of folk and celtic music so I'm enjoying these a lot! And black is the colour is just so perfect! So yeah, good playlists is what I mean. Sorry I ramble.

@Eäwen I totally know what you mean- I feel exactly the same way! Having music that goes with a story adds an entirely different dimension. It makes me so happy when I hear people have been listening to the playlists! ^^

My previous playlist ended and I didn't even realise that I was listening to yours for the past hour. It's brilliant, I love it! It definitely makes great backgound music for writing about dune movement in the Sahara, no kidding.