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"This song is exactly what I did last night" #bkgirlproblems

***an annotated mix***

  • Y Do U Call Me by Colleen Green
    "Why do you call me?" #bkgirlproblems
  • Write Back Soon by Teenage Cool Kids
    "'Hold my Pabst?' Kiss my ass" #bkgirlproblems
  • Did You Forget My Name by The White Wires
    "I don't care if you talk about it or not, did you forget my name?" #bkgirlproblems
  • Trusty Chords by Hot Water Music
    "And I hate this place but I love these chords" #bkgirlproblems
  • "Eviction Party" 4.7 by Darlings
    "And every time I look around, it's a broken bottle" #bkgirlproblems
  • I'm an Alcoholic by The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
    "I'm over being sober" #bkgirlproblems
  • I Was Here But I Disappear by Girlfriends
    "The same bands play the same shows every night" #bkgirlproblems
  • Modern Girl by BoysLikeJason
    -sleater kinney ... "I took my money, I couldn't buy nothin" #bkgirlproblems
  • Small Snails by ajadestrudel
    "I don't know why I waste my time going to your shows" #bkgirlproblems
  • Sad Girls by Big Troubles
    "Uh oh, it happens every time" #bkgirlproblems
  • Magazines by The Hold Steady
    "She's got boys on board and boys on deck" #bkgirlproblems // "New York is pretty heavy, girl. I hope it doesn't crush you" #bkgirlproblems
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