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TARDIS SONG – Time and Relative Dimension in Song

Including original soundtrack artists from past to present,
as well as music/musicians inspired by the Gallifreyan style
CAUTION: This mix is bigger on the inside :)

12 tracks
7 comments on "TARDIS Song"

Thank YOU! So very very kind :)

Tomita's "Planets" is unreal, he kept re-inventing hiimself but this album was exceptionally intense and weird. There was another I wanted to include (Venus) but it's close to 20 mins long if I remember correctly. Insanity.

Thank you for the radiophonic link btw, going to make some lunch and watch it right now! You're the best xx

wow... I've heard a couple of things by Tomita before, like his Mussorgsky reworkings, but I really must find the Planet Suite... amazing stuff, and very Who-esque :)

Fuck me is this a killer whoniverse mix!! Got me on my toes plus I've only ever heard The Planets done classically, found so much more new material to dig up and get my hands on, spanks mang!!

Absolutes! I had a lot of fun with this one, very glad it gave you some inspiration! You've got a hell of a collection yourself, will be checking a few out tomorrow, kudos brother