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The Elephant 6 Collective Recording Company


Hey Ho! Let me tell you a story. One Day in Denver Colorado, Some musician friends who loved 60s music probably way too much. So they decided to make some cassettes and trade them with each other. Then they started to from bands. Then other musicians soon joined in, and The Elephant 6 collective was Born!Some Bands faded away, but others Thrived. Some continued with the 60s musical beat, but most developed unique sounds and some others delved into the realm of experimental music.

This playlist is dedicated to the Elephant 6 Collective, and the music its put out. To Show some of its strange and creative minds it showcased to the world!(I had too much fun writing this)Also a few artists have 2 songs by them in this to showcase the different sounds they had. Hope you Enjoy!

20 tracks
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