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☀ HOT ☀ desert mix

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Hey, I really like your mix. But there seemed to be a problem after the 11th tracks. The description says there are 21 tracks but it stop dead after Easton Kingdom :(( I don't know if you can fix it, but regardless its really great!!

@Chenille hey hun i got it fixed :) well kinda. 8tracks removed a lot of the soundcloud tracks that were originally in here, and the artist limit forced me to shave off a few tracks. I know i'm responding to you almost an entire year later but Thank you for your sweet comment! i kind of abandoned this site in 2015 but decided to log in here just for the heck of it and i am so blown away by how popular this playlist got! I was so moved that i simply had to restore this playlist to the way i originally planned it. @everyone thank you for all the likes and views and i hope you enjoy this update!