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You Can't Stop Rawk n' Roll!

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@BlackkVanillah 40 miles only? Damn, that's got to suck the big one. The highways in France are amazing, because they're toll roads they're really well maintained and they're not super busy like the roads in the UK. The Benz is restricted to 155mph and it spends a lot of time around there in France, my average speed for the whole trip was a little over 90mph. I've never been to Alaska, when I'm in the US it's generally New York to see friends, although I did spend a year working and partying in Richmond VA. I did a cool road trip up to North Eastern Maine, loved cruising up the coast, I had a Mercury station wagon back then, a real POS but it did what it needed to do.

So, I have a 16 hour non-stop drive across Europe later this year, this play list is going with me for when I'm a feelin' tired.

@@BlackkVanillah The drive was awesome, I drove just over 1100 miles from the North West of the UK to Nice in the South of France non-stop. It was quicker than I thought, as it took just over 12 hours. I was racing some friends who were flying and won by a couple of hours thanks to Mercedes power. I'm in the UK at the moment but will be doing the drive again in September when I go back for 2 weeks. Thank you for your music and playlists dude, they keep me sane. Keep them coming.

@philiprobbins1964-590 Dude, your righteous. Yeah, I was cooking up some new playlists today actually. It's my day off. I love making driving playlists. It kinda seems silly right now. I'm currently on a small island in Alaska that only has 40 miles of pavement. haha No straightaways, smooth road or long stretches. I won a silly race, recently as well. I topped out at a humble 75mph! ahaha