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汉语中文 Chinese Down Tempo 001


汉语中文 Chinese Ballads and down tempo songs
Mandarin songs, but some songs have a tiny bit of other languages in the songs.

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@WordsToStartAWar I think it might be by Tu Hong Gang. 屠洪刚-中国功夫 It's the song that was created for a modern Taiji Shanzi (Taichi fan style) form/routine that was originally intended for the elderly in People's Republic of China, but all ages do currently do this style. Usually whenever I went to class they just called this form "taiji gungfu shanzi" (Taichi kungfu fans). I know its sounds very masculine as a song, but this form is MOST popular in my experience with lots and lots of old ladies, including VERY old ladies. It's very normal in China for people do do "busy" things in the morning for their health & well being and it's totally free. It's the only thing that's ACTUALLY and technically "communist" by the actual meaning. They often do things like taiji, calligraphy practice with water on the pavement, ballroom dancing, kung fu, group singing or opera, running, also other sports, arts, and cultural things. It's one of my favorite things about China when I lived there many many times.