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Slow Ambient North African Arabesque Lounge

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OK, I a m at work. Physically..... But In my head, this music puts me in a long luxurious bubble bath with a rose water sprinkler filled with orange blossom water. And candles. Everywhere. And a glass of Oliver Honey mead wine.... And chocolate covered cherries piled on the soap dish. Ahhhhhhh.... this is exquisite. Thank you for the mental vaycay.

c@bdancer202 You are so very welcome. :) @-----~---~-------- If you like this mix, I have some other ones with an somewhat similar mixture. "Ambient Sensual Earthy Bellydance 001" is part of my own personal iTunes playlist that I used to play a portion of back when I had my own store in the mall, and also was part of my commuter playlist when I used to work in Philadelphia at a bank. I also have a collection list called "Slow Ambient" with my other playlists which are also sort of slow, ambient, or ethnic. One is just nature audio clips. Thank you so much for sharing your love and appreciation.