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fear + loathing


..' is that guy a monster? '..
starts with confidence then trails into Oikawa's insecurity, self-hate and immature frustration

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i'm not crying pshhhh, what are you talking about (╥ω╥) //furiously wipes eyes// also this is amazing hOLY F-

I don't care if he thinks he isn't a genius. He's a genius to me because of all the incredible hard work he puts into everything he does. Why is his character so perfect?? It's so well rounded and easy to relate to. TOORU FOR THE WIN! Also, this mix made my heart ache a lot. The first song, which usually pumps me up, now makes me extremely depressed...

I listened to this playlist so much that it put me in an Oikawa mood, and I made a mix for him as well, though it's definitely not as good as yours!! I tried to choose songs that weren't already in this, but if you think it's too similar to your playlist, please tell me! (