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i'm not crying, you're crying!


these aren't tears, these are merely little moist bubbles of emotions on my face.
don't you judge me.

UPDATED & ADDED 11/11/15 : Love Theme ( Mother 3 ), Reset piano arrange ( Okami ), Epic Tale of a Holy Death ( Valkyrie Profile ),

i will gladly add more songs if anyone has a video game track that is particularly emotional for them!
original tracklist:

15 tracks
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this is amazing, atm my #1 playlist for reading and writing stuff it keeps me very focused somehow and you r saving my life rn tbh so thx

This is a great playlist! I would totally add the Serpent Eating the Ground from Bravely Default. That ending gave me all the feels!

I dunno if you're trying to keep it to one track per game, but Vigil from Mass Effect has always made me really emotional. It's such a recognizable first note and song, every time I hear it all the memories of the series and all that heartbreak come back to me instantly.

I really liked this playlist! If I could add anything, it would probably be Don't Speak Her Name from Fire Emblem: Awakening. I won't say why because of spoilers.

GREAT STUFF. Personally, I'd add in Primal Dialga Theme from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. You just lost your partner from the future, the very essence of time is collapsing, and it's a hard battle to boot.