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ReMember Who You Are II

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This is fucking perfect, so great to know other people have a similar view point as me.. Luis CK's skit was just priceless!

Definitely. At first when I started listening to this sort of stuff I thought I was one of the very few. Now I see it growing... and growing fast.

I wish I saw it growing as fast as you I only know a couple people who listen to this stuff and research these ideas, could you make another one of these playlists? I looove the one with the harvard professor that talks about his psychedelic shroom trip and the nature of magic by terence was great! Do you find all these on youtube?

Yeah youtube is the place. Once I find some time and inspiration, within the next week or two, I'll make another one. :)

And I know a lot of people who are depressed today, especially Americans. Most of us are on some sort of medication. This actually gives me hope though. When I went through my depression I began to open my eyes to reality as it is, not as I want or thought it to be.