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RhythemAssistedPoetry. RAP

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Don't get me wrong, I love the mix, but you can't argue with these guys. This shit is quality humor. Polar opposites.

Dizzy Wright -> "Look, ladies all on my dick. Throw that pussy just so I notice them. I spit real shit for the real niggas, truth is they can't take this shit...I got guns all in my closet..."

Binary Star -> "Every time you listen to the radio, all you hear is nonsense...rhyme after rhyme it's the same topic. Broke ass finally got a hundred in your pocket. Now you on the mic spitting money's no object
What you say is bullshit. If you wasn't with your crew and wasn't drunk off the brew. Would you still pull gats? You need to stop frontin..."

I've been listening to a lot of your mixes, they show up the most on my mix feed. Most of them are pretty dope. Keep up the good work and keep em coming.