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Empire of Blood


“England takes whatever, whenever, however it wants. Lives. Loves. Labor. Spirits. Homes. It has taken them from me… They pledged to follow me when they thought I was alive. They turned when they thought I was gone. So I will come back from the dead and lay claim to what I am owed.”

13 tracks
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I've heard almost all of these songs before but I'm so glad you put them together in a mix. I wouldn't have though to put them together for Flint but they fit so well! And I think you really set the tone starting with Paint it Black, it was a great choice for the first song :)

@Blazkowicz Hey, sorry to bug you but i keep replaying this version of Paint It Black, but I can't find it anywhere. Do you know where I could find a copy of it?

@prymith You know i think i actually got the names of the bands mixed up :O Try googling "Hidden Citizens'' instead, And thank you for pointing that out!