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Cognitive Smoke


Nine tracks including music by Alexei Lubimov, David Shea, and John Lewis. This began as a "random" mix, but one thing led to another, and... This is my brain on free association.

9 tracks
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Cocooned by clouds of Cognitive Smoke~a brilliant mix made by the cognitively-dissonant DJ @BleakMouse ♫♪

...posted a moment ago to Twitter (promoting your fine folios, so more folks can enjoy).

More folks? Are there more? Not in my neighborhood. The oddest thing I've heard here has been "Live Cream." It was odd because it was being played at full volume by non-English speaking Asians. Otherwise, it was all hip-hop thundering bass until a few years ago when the young people grew up and went off to steal cars or something. The guy next door throws parties for his kids and plays...disco. I try to apply the concept of negative space when that happens.

Spinning thru this mix again, as I spin thru my day. Enjoying the Crispell and flutey Helsinki Suite.

Just thought you should know.

Your labors (and cognitive smoke) are thoroughly appreciated.

~=(◐ ‿ ◑)=~

I may be going into labors yet again today, although I may just have to toss several themes into the dishwasher and see how they come out. Yes, I've been cleaning the kitchen, No cognitive dissonance there, Thanks for listening as you spin through your day.